14th – 15th March 2023
Place of
hotel DoubleTree by Hilton

Trnavská cesta 27/A,
831 04 Bratislava, SK

The international conference Forum of Rail Transport is a major event in the calendar of international railway sector. Every year the representatives of the European institutions, railway companies and infrastructure managers, ministries and academia from V4 countries and others members of the EU states meet at this conference.

Forum of Rail Transport offers a space for new information, discussion and exchange of professional views and experiences on development, investments and innovations in railway and urban rail transport, as well as the possibility of finding solutions in relation to needs of municipalities, cities, districts and regions in integrating and cross-border coordination of transport.

In modern and prosperous countries, the railways are today very effective tool in unloading road transport, which is overloaded and burdensome for the environment in many cases. Railway transport and its assumptions for a high-quality and efficient operation of the economy and the whole society becomes European key transport platform.

The strategy of the European Union is to create a corresponding international transport system, where the railway transport will have a key role. Important tools for completing the strategy are improving technical parameters, raising technical equipment, integration of modern and progressive elements, innovation of security systems and transport management systems. The most important element for creating an operative infrastructure is also fulfilling the expansion requirement and connecting the railway toward to countries from middle and east Europe, where are still missing a high-quality homogeneous transport network and fast international connections.

The aim of the professional conference Forum of Rail Transport is to point out on ongoing differences between particular European regions and looking for a mutual way, which would help fulfilling the strategy of the European Union within the development of quality railway transport network and reducing negative environmental impacts of transport.

Conference subjects:

  • Strategy for the development of railway transport in Slovakia until 2050
  • High-speed lines vers. modernization of corridors to a speed of up to 200 km/h
  • Technical and technological progress in railway transport
  • Integration of public passenger transport – complex and effective solutions